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Spa Hotels in Germany

A businessman wants to recover after a long flight. The mother of three children wants to be alone with herself. A group of friends plans to celebrate a birthday. A man with back pain is looking for relief. A teenager suffers from acne. A workaholic suffers from nervous exhaustion. The smoker wants to get rid of a bad habit. Where can all these people get help? At the spa hotel.
Today’s spa is the center where the body, mind and spirit are treated. People come here to rest and relax, calm their nerves and recover. To achieve this, modern spa hotels employ a wide variety of eastern and western methods and procedures. Shiatsu, Thai massage, aromatherapy, hypnotherapy, yoga, meditation, mud baths, hydromassage, European facial massage, the latest developments of fitness trainers – just not to list. Do not forget about mini-courses: the goal is not only to be cured, but also to take knowledge of a healthy lifestyle with you.

Spa hotels in Germany. Why are we going here?

Germany is the ultimate spa leader in Europe. The history of German spa hotels dates back to the distant times of the Roman Empire: even Roman aristocrats came to plunge into the hot mineral springs of modern Baden-Baden. And this despite the fact that the world-famous Roman baths – thermae – were at hand!

In the 18-19 centuries, the famous German spa cities were a meeting place for monarchs and aristocrats from all over Europe. The splendor of those times has been preserved in famous spa hotels such as the Brenner’s Park Hotel & Spa in Baden-Baden. In the 1890s, Priest Sebastian Kneipp introduced a comprehensive treatment, combining hydrotherapy and herbal treatments in the spa village of Bad Vorishofen.

In modern Germany there are about 900 spa resorts and spa hotels. Among them are climatic health resorts (where the air itself heals), spas specializing in mud and hydrotherapy, spas at mineral springs, sea resorts and hydrotherapy according to the Kneipp method.

Going to Germany for spa treatment, you should be aware of some things that may seem unexpected to you.

Firstly, it is related to nudity. Those who first go to the sauna or for a massage are usually worried about the need to undress. So how exactly is this?
Having gathered for the procedure, you change your clothes for a bathrobe and slippers. The changing room can be either shared or individual. Saunas and hot springs are usually common to men and women. They are usually visited naked, but no one will forbid you to wear a bathing suit or wrap yourself in a towel.

A massage session usually happens as follows: you go into the treatment room, the masseur leaves you alone for a while, so that you can comfortably sit on the table. He will not return to the room without knocking. During the massage session, the client usually does not have any clothes, however, all parts of the body, except for those that are currently massaging, are covered with sheets. German masseurs can often neglect drapery. If this bothers you, feel free to say so.

Summing up, we can say that the attitude to nudity at the German spa resorts is very calm, but no one is forced to naked either.

The second thing that usually confuses Russian tourists is the huge variety of saunas and steam rooms. Resorts such as Donaueschingen and Bad Durkheim offer vacationers an almost fantastic number of different bath rooms. They can vary in temperature, lighting, the presence of aromatization, and can have warm or cold diving pools. There are even such exotic things as ice igloo houses and rooms where you can warm your legs by an open fire.

Throughout Germany, public baths are very inexpensive (entry prices range from 5 to 30 euros) and are popular. You can spend the whole day moving from one pool to another, either plunge into hot or cold springs, engage in active swimming and simply bask in the jacuzzi.

Spa hotels usually have two “branches”. The first is the “beauty farm” – responsible for facial massage, creams,
masks. The second – the “health farm” – is responsible for the medical part: massage, all medical procedures.

Language barrier: in large cities (for example, in Stuttgart), many know English. But it still makes sense to bring along a German phrasebook.

Top German spa hotels

Some of the best German spa resorts can be found in Baden-Württemberg. This region is known for its hot mineral springs, making Germany a great place for spa trips. In addition, the local cuisine is very exquisite – after all, nearby France, which is rightfully considered a gourmet country.

The pearl of the land of Baden-Württemberg is the resort of Baden-Baden, which at one time was the center of pilgrimage for the Russian aristocracy. This city, located at the foot of the Black Forest, boasts the most beautiful hotels, which, although very expensive (a night will cost you 150-200 euros), but are very comfortable.

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