What tourists should not do in Israel
Freedom is felt in other cities. But in the Holy Land there are taboos that are better not to break. Wearing indecent clothing in religious neighborhoods At the entrance to…

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All roads lead to Rome, which begins with Leonardo da Vinci
The capital of Italy is served by three major international airports. “Leonardo da Vinci” (Aeroporto internazionale Leonardo Da Vinci) is the name of the largest of them, which immediately makes…

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Beaches of morocco
Morocco - a country not quite for a beach holiday. More precisely, not at all. Tunisia - yes, this is a country for a beach holiday. Turkey is also such…

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The most luxurious tourist trains in the world

There is a special category of travelers who prefer rail. Even nowadays, when aviation has become widely available, luxury rail travel is still popular. Special comfortable trains with luxurious interiors carry travelers along the most interesting routes, combining luxurious accommodation in the train itself with overnight stays in luxury hotels, exclusive excursions and even cruises.

When compiling the rating, which included 11 VIP trains, besides the ratings of Western Internet portals, such parameters as the route length, its novelty, the cost of the trip, the range of services provided to passengers and the number of attractions that a tourist can visit during the trip were taken into account.


Once in the Belmond Northern Belle salon, you can mentally go back to the last century. It conveys the style of Belle trains, which were popular in England in the 1930s, and the well-known Pulman wagons of the Venice Simplon-Orient Express train.

A special feature of this route is chic, unhurried dinners, followed by traditional tea parties, and enjoying the magnificent views that open from the train window. Going on a journey on this train, tourists visit the Canterbury bridge, the Royal Crescent in Bath, art galleries and museums in Edinburgh, historic York.


This year, the train will leave for the new London – Chester route through the Lake District. The cost of the trip, which lasts four days, starts at $ 1937.

Belmond Andean Explorer became the first South American luxury night train and was able to significantly change the way we look at luxury. His first trip took place in May 2017. The interior of the cars is made using traditional Peruvian motifs. Due to the glass top, large windows offer a wonderful view of the beauty of nature. The train is designed for 68 people.

In the largest compartment of the train there are comfortable double beds, as well as leather chairs, in which it is comfortable to relax. The chef of the Belmond Hotel Monasterio in Cuzco became the authors of the train menu. Interestingly, each season different dishes will be served here.


Traveling by train from Cuzco to Arkipa lasts two days and costs tourists $ 1,388. The maximum cost of a “high-level” ticket is $ 4,200.


The route of this chic train runs between the provinces of Canada – British Columbia and Alberta.

Travelers of the Golden Leaf class ride in a two-story car with a transparent roof. From the second floor you can enjoy stunning views of the pine forests, lakes and mountains that the route captures. At the first level, internationally trained chefs can satisfy the culinary preferences of even the most selective guests. The menu offers local dishes: for example, Pacific salmon, served with the best wines, as well as Alberta beef.

An interesting detail: travelers do not sleep on the train. They are taken to the hotel at night, and in the morning the train continues on its way again.

Rocky Mountaineer goes along five railway routes and stops in Vancouver, Calgary, Whistler, Banff, Jasper and Lake Louise.


The cost of a ticket for a two-day trip starts at $ 1,200. The maximum trip price is $ 9,000 for 13 days spent in a deluxe class. Passengers can also include a cruise in the program.


Passengers traveling this route will enjoy romance, charm and lots of adventures. They will travel between Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, visit cities with many shops, see tiny provincial stations and golden temples.

Each compartment has a private bathroom and air conditioning. The decoration contains solid varieties of elm and cherry wood, and the interior also uses inlaid wood elements and filigree mosaics. The passenger is provided with round-the-clock service with receiving orders on call.

Special attention is paid to the cuisine: the chef from France developed special dishes for the Eastern & Oriental Express that were highly praised by critics from all over the world. The dishes organically combine eastern and western culinary traditions.


This year, they plan to introduce several innovations on the route: change the evening dress code from black tie to a more free “tropical elegance”, musical accompaniment for guests is organized by a DJ from Singapore, Mr. Has.

The cost of a trip lasting three days starts at $ 2170.

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