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Beaches of morocco

Morocco – a country not quite for a beach holiday. More precisely, not at all. Tunisia – yes, this is a country for a beach holiday. Turkey is also such a country. Even Spain. But Morocco – no. Typically, tourists travel to Morocco – stop in different places, get to know different cities. At the end of the trip, many go to Agadir – the main resort of Morocco. However, there are people who want to go to the ocean, but do not want to go to the bustling Agadir, want to get to know the country, but do not want to move from place to place.
Let’s see where else, except for Agadir, in Morocco you can relax on the coast and what you can see from there.

Oulidia (Oualidia)

Ualidia is a quiet (low season), beautiful, calm place. The water in the lagoon often warms up well, which is why families with children like it in Oulidia. But in August and during the great holidays, holidays are quite crowded.

Distances from Oulidia:

Mohammed V Airport, Casablanca: 180-190km, about 2.5 hours by car
Casablanca: 180 km.
Rabat: 270 km
Marrakech: 180-200km
El Jadida: 80 km
Essuweira: 190km
Safi: 60km
As you can see, everything is reachable from Ualidia by car. There is nothing interesting in the town itself, but you can visit the main attractions. It is a pity that Fez and Meknes are far from Oulidia.


Essuweira cannot be called a quiet town, in the afternoon life is constantly seething in its medina, and early in the morning you will not be allowed to sleep by the calls of the muezzin. A more or less relaxing holiday is possible only in some of the hotels on the coast. But the medina is much more interesting!

Distances from Essaouira:

Casablanca: 360 km
Marrakech: 225 km
El Jadida: 255 km
Agadir: 175 km
Safi: 125 km
In general, from Essaouira, almost as well as from Agadir, there is little where you can go for one day. But Essaouira itself is so good that it might not want to go anywhere.

Beaches between Casablanca and Rabat

You can stay on the coast between Casablanca and Rabat: Mohammedia is closer to Casablanca, Shkirat is closer to Rabat. Mohammedia is a booming resort suburb of Casablanca, Shkirat is still a calm beach place.

Distances from Shkirat:

Casablanca: 74 km
Rabat: 30 km
Marrakech: 300 km
Fes: 232 km
Meknes: 183 km
Azru (cedar forests, reserve where you can watch wild monkeys): 232 km
Tangier: 276 km
Tetuan: 303 km

And another unique place on the Moroccan coast is the famous Legzira beach. 165 km south of Agadir, near the city of Sidi Ifni. Rest in Legzira means walking, admiring the ocean and a unique beach, if you are lucky with the weather, then swimming … It is better, of course, to be here with a car.

But still, it is hardly possible to choose Legzira as a starting point for trips around the country. Rather, you can come here from Agadir. Better for a couple of days, but you can for one day. For those who want to spend a few days in Legzira, there are several small and very simple hotels. But nearby, major construction is already underway. So, perhaps, in a few years Legrazira will become another developed resort.

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