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Sentosa Island beaches and parks

After Underwater World, the legs themselves lead to the beach of Sentosa Island. I would like to sit on the shore and look at the sea surface – a thin border that separates us from such a variety of creatures living in a completely different world. The coastline of Sentosa is not just sandy beaches, but whole plot compositions.

Sentosa Island beaches

Suddenly you find yourself on a pirate island or near an ancient temple. Beaches for sports games are more modern in style. Numerous beaches and cafes, in their design, correspond to the names of the beaches.

Free trams on Sentosa

Free trams run along the coast, connecting rides at different ends of the island.

Theme Parks
Sentosa is organized on the principle of “having fun, learn.” In addition to the amusement rides, there are several museums and theme parks on the island. Flower lovers will enjoy the orchids that are gathered here from around the world. In the Butterfly and Insect Park, among the lush tropical trees and plants, thousands of species of butterflies flutter. Exotic insects represented about 3,000 species. Museums of coral and wax figures are of genuine interest in children and adults. So many amazing and unusual things have been collected on the territory of one island that it is almost impossible to see in one day. It’s the same as reading only the contents in an adventure book.

Sentosa Island Theme Parks

There are places where you can yourself be in the role of the Librarian or Indiana Jones. One Adventure Park (MegaZip Adventure Park) is worth it. Jump from a 15-meter platform on slings or high-speed flight along a taut rope. Each of the rides will provide a fair amount of adrenaline.

Surf lovers can ride an artificial wave at Wave House Sentosa, which is located near Siloso Beach.

Walking in the Nature Walk and Dragon Trail parks, you find yourself in the rainforest of the Mesozoic era. From here you can climb to the top of Mount Imbiah, which offers a panorama of neighboring islands. One enumeration of miracles will take a lot of time, and the description will take more than one day. But, even the most vivid description with many photographs will not be able to convey all those feelings that you will experience when you see everything with your own eyes.

Songs of the Sea
With the onset of darkness, the musical show Songs of the Sea is held on the seashore. Two performances are given over the evening. The plot of the musical is simple, but the special effects are impressive. Against the darkening sky on a wooden stilts stands a fishing village. Modest boardwalk houses. There are several stone slabs on the shore. Spectators take their places.

Music began to play, the rays of the spotlights illuminate the artists who ran ashore. In the first minutes of the presentation, nothing unusual happens, but then! Behind the houses on stilts grow multimeter water fountains. On them, as on a screen, an animated image of fairy-tale characters is projected. The further – the more. Laser special effects appear and, at the end of the performance, the entire beach explodes with colorful fireworks. Multi-colored jets of fire soar into the sky, scattering thousands of sparks.

Light and music show Songs of the Sea

The music died down. The presentation is over. Spectators diverge. But the impressions received today will remain with you forever. If anything else can be judged by eyewitnesses, then Sentosa must be visited in person.

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