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Montenegro looks like a woman after a divorce – she exaggerates her dignity, quickly trying to find new fans, and she diligently pretends to move forward while she is sad in the evenings in the evenings.

The Balkans have always been of interest both for tourists and on the political field – a rich history, wonderful climate with natural air conditioning, great location. And all this the Montenegrin government failed to use for the development of the country. She is insanely rich in legends, castles, fortresses and all kinds of natural beauties. And with all this, the country remains incredibly poor – in particular, in the north.

All tourists know Kotor and Budva, but about the capital of the country – Podgorica – many will already know “locally.” Montenegro itself is a tiny country. Completely go round it really in 1.5 days – and this is in a circle. Just imagine that you are coming here as a family, together with your parents, renting a comfortable minivan with a driver at 8Rental and in 2-3 days you will receive a detailed welcome tour throughout the country. The advantage of this method, in contrast to car rental, is that no one needs a driver’s license and everyone can taste the vinyl. And it’s worth it
Of the cities for typical tourists are not attractive, but interesting to us, I note:

Check your debts
Pordgoritsa is the capital in the north, there is no access to the sea, but Skadar Lake is nearby
Niksic – is in the mountains, but it is there that they make the best beer in Montenegro – Nikshechko
Cetinje – located in the mountains, but this is the religious and cultural center of the country
Tivat is a mini city near the main tourist points.
But speaking of resorts, it is worth mentioning:

Budva – the center of the “Budva Riviera” – it is it that attracts crowds here
tourists. In fact, in Budva there is nothing special except the old city.
It is beautiful there. Too narrow aisles and high walls (3-4 floors, which is high
for Montenegro), give a constant shadow in the city, but they do not give to do
a photo. Near the city there is the island of St. Nicholas. Guides proudly talk about him
“Behold, a wild island, there is a Hawaiian beach.” In fact, an ordinary island.
Cool, nothing more.
St. Stephen is part of the Budva Riviera. The town is small but special.
The fact is that a sand spit naturally washed by the sea stretches from the beach,
which connects a tiny town with an ancient fortress. Today the fortress is
Hotel Adriatic Sveti Stefan. It was rented by a travel company for 90 years
in Montenegro. There is a hotel, the cost of living in which
starts from 1,500 euros for 1 night. On the bridge from the beach to the island is anyone but
hotel residents are not allowed – as on the peninsula itself. Only once a year – April 30
get on open day and visit this beauty.
Kotor is an ancient city surrounded by the 3rd fortress wall in the world.
1st – China, 2nd – Dubrovnik. Kotor is a city in the heart of Boko-Kotor (Boko and
translates as a bay, so saying “Boka Kotor Bay” is not quite
correctly). There is a luxurious old city, and ancient walls, and sheer
rocks, and even a cat museum!
Herceg Novi – the city is located on the other side of Kotor in Herceg
The Novinsky Strait, which connects Montenegro and Croatia by sea. Yes and
the city itself is 10 minutes from the border with Croatia. Pretty. Interesting.
Of the luxury resorts in Montenegro, Porto Montenegro, where the yacht Abramovich, Porto Novi (open in 2020, have already spent $ 500 million on construction), Lustica Bay (open in 2022), of course, the hotel St. Stephen.

In general, the government of the country decided by 2022 to turn Boko-Kotor into the new Monaco and Saint Tropez – and that, in law, there is alcohol, there are yachts where to park yachts.

It’s just that the government is not aware that the French riviera is unlikely to see the very rare and very unusual guests of the riviera “socialist architectural style” with such interesting solutions as peeling paint at stops or concrete benches or lack of sidewalks.

The nature in Montenegro is incredible beautiful. The entire north of the country and the entire coast are mountains (up to 3 thousand meters above sea level), the south is the Adriatic Sea (one of the cleanest in the world). Due to this, in Montenegro, the effect of air conditioning appears in the north and in the bay – the wind descends from the mountains, and rises from the sea. In the air of the bay, it’s always 20 degrees Celsius, while on the sea coast it’s 40 degrees — only a couple of kilometers across the water separates them.
From the beautiful natural in the country:

Boko Kotor
The Tara River Canyon is the 2nd largest after Colorado.
Morach River Canyon
Durmitor National Park
Royal Park Milocer
Boko kator
It’s worth mentioning right away that from this list only Durmitor is comfortably equipped – the rest of the parks are not landscaped (as is the case in Europe). But from this they do not lose their beauty.

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