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Are you going to Turkey? Antalya 2019 looks good for a vacation, but you need to know some nuances, which I will tell you about now. And also about what to see in Antalya, I will compare the beaches (and the famous Lara beach) and tell how it is easier and faster to move around the resort city.

In fact, there are not so many attractions in Antalya. For the beauties and antiquities you need to go on excursions (I will talk about them below), and now the main interesting places in the city

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Lara Beach is an attraction in itself, because it has the coolest five-star hotels. Some of them are made in the form of a ship (Titanic), others in the form of an airplane, while others completely mimic the quarter in Amsterdam.


The waterfall is quite large, pleasantly noisy and beautiful both during the day in sunny weather and at night.

A good bonus is that sitting planes fly over the waterfall, which adds romance in the evening if you come here as a couple.

If you choose to stay in a five-star hotel, then visiting the hammam inside the hotel will be free for you, because it is already included in the price. True massage (and foam too) will be all the same for an additional fee. If you stayed in a simpler hotel, then in almost every quarter of the city you will stumble upon the Hamam sign.
It is better to choose a large complex of Turkish baths: there the prices will be lower and everything will be more authentic. In small hammams with cheap hotels you will not get the same level of service and quality of SPA and massage. I recommend this place:

For $ 25 you will be picked up from any hotel, taken to Turkish baths, and you will have 3 hours for SPA procedures, a visit to the hammam and 40 minutes for two types of massage (foamy and relaxing).

If you have never been in such a large (tunnel 131 meters in length) aquarium, you will be delighted. But I did not begin to visit him, because I had already seen others, for example, in Dubai. Therefore, if this is a curiosity for you, and the price tag does not bother you, then you can go:

Excursions to Pamukkale take place on comfortable buses (travel time about 4 hours) and are one-day and two-day. The most common one-day. You are picked up from the hotel in the morning and by 10-11 you are already at the main entrance in Pamukkale. What to see inside, is Heropolis worth a visit? Read in a separate article. And I recommend you book and pay for the tour online:

Get travel insurance

The price includes all tickets, lunch and a Russian-speaking guide. Well, the transfer from and to the hotel
Must-have excursion!

Of course, according to the impressions of what he saw, this is not as cool as diving in Egypt, but diving in Kemer is on par with Asian. You will be taken from a hotel in Antalya, taken to Kemer, put on a boat, dressed in all the equipment, fed and shown the underwater world. And then they will be returned back to the hotel. And all this for $ 40. Definitely worth a try and there was something to compare.
There is a chance to see: octopuses, lobsters, colorful fish, stingrays and starfish.

By the way, if you do not want to dive, but just want to snorkel, then the tour will cost you only $ 25

A very busy tour lasting 10 hours. Three antique sights of Turkey in one trip: rock tombs, the church of St. Nicholas and the sunken city of Kekov.

Do not worry, they will feed you on excursions. You will bring a lot of impressions and photos!

Probably the cheapest rafting in all of Turkey in Keprylu Canyon. Transfer from the hotel, 8-hour excursion, rafting, lunch and all this for $ 25 (children for $ 12)

Steep views are provided to you, because Keprylu canyon is located in the national park.

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