Mali: children of kings
Mali is one of those countries that are not very well known to Russian tourists. Even sophisticated travelers do not know much about her. In the Middle Ages, this country…

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All roads lead to Rome, which begins with Leonardo da Vinci
The capital of Italy is served by three major international airports. “Leonardo da Vinci” (Aeroporto internazionale Leonardo Da Vinci) is the name of the largest of them, which immediately makes…

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Woman Traveler in India: Safety Above All!
It is said that India is a country of extremes. A country of unearthly beauty - and at the same time very dirty. Nature, where there is no soul -…

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Colombia for tourists

Colombia definitely cannot be called the safest country, so here a tourist should always be on the alert. Only a few years ago, this country was considered “the most dangerous in the world” and “the world capital of kidnapping”. In recent years, the situation has changed for the better, however, some risks still remain. Whatever you do, do not let rumors and urban legends lead you out of a state of peace. Although upon arrival in Colombia, you will feel that the security situation here is much better than they say.


Despite the fact that the threat of terrorist attacks has become less pronounced in many Colombian cities, crime here, however, is kept at a fairly high level. Robberies and other crimes, like scams involving unsuspecting tourists, are common in cities. In general, if you become a victim of a robbery, you have no choice but to obey the circumstances.

Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A is the second most popular disease among travelers (after diarrhea). This is a viral infection of the liver, which can enter the body with dirty water, food or ice, as well as through direct contact with an infected person. This disease knows no borders, but mainly developing countries are affected by it. Symptoms may include fever, jaundice, nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain. In most cases, the disease goes away without complications, but sometimes hepatitis A seriously damages the liver. Not treated.
A hepatitis A vaccine is very effective. If you, moreover, have given secondary vaccination after 6-12 months, the vaccine will last up to 10 years. Since the vaccine is contraindicated in pregnant women and children under two years of age, these categories of travelers may be limited to injecting gammaglobulin.


These parasites are usually found in moist, tropical areas. You can catch them by eating unwashed vegetables or unroasted meat, or walking barefoot on the sand. Immediately worms may not be detected. By themselves, they are not dangerous, but they can cause trouble if you do not try to get rid of them. Stool analysis is not the worst thing you can do for yourself upon arrival from Colombia. This infection is treated easily and quickly.

Availability and cost of medicine

You can count on qualified medical care in large cities, and in more or less wild places this can be difficult. The vast majority of doctors will expect you to pay in cash, you have at least ten travel insurance.


Initially, cocaine in Colombia is a commodity for export, but it is readily available locally. More common marijuana. But do not fall prey to this permissiveness: it is illegal to carry drugs with you, and the police and military have a bad habit of scouring foreigners.
You may be offered to purchase directly on the street, but never agree to these offers. The seller may be a police agent or his accomplices just come up to you a little later, show you fake police IDs and intimidate you with a prison to get money from you.
Be careful with strangers who may ask you at the airport to “convey something at the place of arrival.” Needless to say, drug trafficking is not a cool idea. Unless, of course, you did not want to look at the life of a Colombian prison from the inside.

Burundang – the poison of lack of will

Get acquainted with another threat to your life, health and property. Burundanga – a drug that is contained in a special kind of tree, widespread in Colombia; burundanga is used by criminals to obscure the consciousness of the victim. It can be added to sweets, cigarettes, chewing gum, alcohol, beer – in general, to any product, while the poison does not have any noticeable taste or smell.
The main effect after a “good” dose is a loss of will, even if you remain conscious. The robber may ask you to give your valuables, and you will calmly obey him. Violence caused by this exotic poison is also known. Other effects are memory loss and drowsiness, which can last from several hours to several days. An overdose can be fatal.
So think twice before “shooting” cigarettes from strangers.

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