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Holidays in the Costa Brava
Costa Brava (Spanish Costa Brava, which means “Wild Coast”) is a 160-kilometer strip of the Mediterranean coast in the province of Girona (or Girona) in northeast Catalonia. One of the…

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Travel to places of power
Delhi. The famous Kutub Minar minaret with a damask steel column was built on the site of the Vishnu temple destroyed by the conquerors. Once the top of a mysterious…

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Woman Traveler in India: Safety Above All!
It is said that India is a country of extremes. A country of unearthly beauty - and at the same time very dirty. Nature, where there is no soul -…

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Holidays in the Costa Brava

Costa Brava (Spanish Costa Brava, which means “Wild Coast”) is a 160-kilometer strip of the Mediterranean coast in the province of Girona (or Girona) in northeast Catalonia. One of the most popular areas of tourism and recreation. The relief consists of impregnable cliffs and cliffs, overgrown with Pyrenean pines and firs, which alternate with magnificent bays and bays with beaches of white sand and pebbles. Here, along with first-class resorts and five-star hotels, beautiful examples of medieval architecture in small port towns and fishing villages have been preserved. The Costa Brava extends from the town of Blanes, 60 km northeast of Barcelona and to the resort of Rosas near the French border. Continue reading

The most curious complaints on board

Who just does not have to visit stewards and stewardesses during routine flights! They act as safety experts, waiters, arbitrators in resolving conflicts and disputes, masters to repair iPods, bottle warmers, in general, servants for everything.

The poor people stoically endure the anger and nagging of irritated and capricious passengers, keeping friendly smiles on their faces. Each of them could tell a lot of funny stories and situations that occurred on board at one or another altitude. In this article we will talk about the most ridiculous and eccentric complaints that they had to face during the flight. Continue reading

The Mystery of the Shroud of Turin

Shroud of Turin, stored in the church of St. John in Turin (Italy) 4-meter piece of canvas, which according to legend Jesus was wrapped after being removed from the cross. On it there are images of a man (front and back) who suffered a crucifix on the cross; his face is clearly distinguishable. The nature of the wounds visible in the images suggests that a man was worn with branches of thorns, beaten with sticks and lashes, and pierced with a spear on his side – all these tortures, according to the New Testament, were endured by Jesus.

The canvas over the centuries has been the property of the Savoy dynasty. Continue reading

Tips for tourists in Muslim countries

In the Muslim world, it is not customary for a woman to travel alone, so you need to be careful about local customs. Many Muslim countries remain very conservative in their traditions, and any foreign woman must follow the established rules and observe etiquette. This is not only a manifestation of respect for the local culture, but also ensuring your safety. Below are some tips for traveling women, which can help avoid uncomfortable or even dangerous situations, as well as better penetrate and explore the local culture.

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Independent travelers choose a hostel

The latest opinion poll showed that a third of our fellow citizens chose independent travel last year. Many people have been traveling on their own for a long time abroad. Russians only have to learn this. Recently, such independent tourists from Russia are no longer rare on the streets of European capitals. Trips devoid of plan and preliminary organization bring much more pleasure and experience than ready-made tours.
A ticket, some money in your pocket – and go. However, stop, still a visa and accommodation! .. And here hostels can also be very useful, because the main expense item in each trip is exactly accommodation.
As you know, hotels have the right to send invitations and provide visa support. A hostel reservation is the basis for obtaining a tourist visa to some European countries, namely to the UK, France, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Italy. This is the cheapest way to get a visa (except, perhaps, invitations from friends). Continue reading

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